Several Marine Parks are protected under the Marine Parks regulations. The parks are part of a larger project to establish marine parks and protected areas throughout the region that's coordinated by the Caribbean Conservation Association with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency. Today the marine parks include Dog Island, Prickly Pear and Seal Island Reef System, Little Bay, Sandy Island, and the Shoal Bay Island Harbour Reef System.

Within these parks, a mooring buoy system has been established. Visiting boats tie up to permanent moorings rather than dropping anchor. These moorings protect the fragile coral reefs and delicate ecosystems.

Two types of moorings are found in the parks. Red mooring buoys are for dive vessels only. White moorings buoys are for general use by boats and yachts. All the buoys are marked by location and number and the system applies to all boats 55 feet and under.

To use the moorings, permits are issued. It is illegal to drop anchor except with written permission and then permission is only granted for boats over 55 feet which drop in designated areas.

Boats pay the mooring fee to an officer of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources posted at the Marine Base in Road Bay.

To preserve the delicate coral reefs surrounding Anguilla, marine conservation laws:

prevent taking, breaking, walking, standing or anchoring on coral
prohibit jet skiing
prohibit spearfishing (only Belongers are permitted to spearfish)
prohibit littering
impose a fine of up to EC$250 for littering
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