Looking at Caribbean Nationals and other peoples elsewhere, Anguillians certainly are among the ones who love sailing most, and for almost every event or celebration, be it outstanding or modest, they seize the opportunity to organize a boat racing competition and have fun at sea, with an almost guaranteed 99 percent of the island’s population feverishly running around the island’s coast to support and cheer along their favourite boat.
Leave from Simpson Bay promptly at 9:30 am on No Fear or Zippity Do da. Spend an entire day and evening on one of the worlds premier islands, Anguilla. Explore totally secluded islands off of Anguilla. Sip rum punches. Snorkel at some of the most beautiful cays in the Caribbean. Visit Shoal bay, rated one of the top ten beaches in the world.

Then at 5:00 PM it's Harbour Villa time. Enjoy a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom private villa in gorgeous Island Harbor. Check into your villa clean up and relax for the 7:00 pm pool side barbecue. Chicken, ribs or steak are included with the price of your room. Finally, listen to the sounds of reggae fill the night air at Harbour Villas.

This sailing itinerary offers a unique cultural and natural mix among three islands and their outer cays. Within a week sailing adventure you will experience the French West Indies (St. Martin and St. Barts), the Netherland or Dutch Antilles (St. Maarten) and the British independent island of Anguilla.
Sail from island to island on the 20 to 25 knot northeasterly prevailing winds during the winter months or the southeasterly 10 to 15 knot winds in the Summer.

Sail to Anguilla and experience the unspoiled Caribbean at its best. This pristine island boasts charming villages, serene harbors and long stretches of white powdery beaces. Drop anchor in Road Town, the main port, where for centuries master craftsmen have built local skiffs and trading boats. Beautiful to behold under sail, these are some of the most finely built vessels in the West Indies. The captain will check in with customs while you enjoy lunch aboard before moving to your anchorage in Crocus Bay.

At Flat Cap Point snorkel under the cliffs amidst a marine conservation area. At sunset, watch the pelicans dive for a meal or catch a view of the mating display of the endangered ocean tropic birds that nest on the island.

Caribbean Yacht Charters - Your Personal Paradise
Adventure Caribbean's watchword is Flexibility, with an Antiguan or Caribbean yacht charter to suit every taste and budget. Booking a week, or two or three…..is the perfect way to spend your holiday, on your own floating hotel. The crew take care of your every need, and sail you to your chosen destination every day, where you can relax on board, go ashore and sample the delights of a new island, or simply snorkel and relax on the nearest beach.

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Destinations:Anguilla - The beautiful Coral Island...
A perfect getaway on a low lying coral island with fine beaches, sunbathe and swim in an unspoiled Caribbean environment. Anguilla is only a short 2 hour sail from St Martin.
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Selecting the destination for your crewed yacht charter will largely be determined by the time of year you wish to travel. Typically clients choose the Caribbean in the winter months and the Mediterranean during the summer. There are, however, many great deals to be had if you are thinking about a summer break in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is broken down into three main cruising areas;
  1. Virgin Islands (including British Virgin Islands)
  2. Leeward Islands; and
  3. Windward Islands.
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LEEWARD ISLANDS - St Martin and Antigua
Most clients sail around the island of St Martin (half French half Dutch), Anguilla (British), and St Barts.

There are less bays and anchorages than in the BVI, and there tends to be more swell in the summer as they are more exposed than the BVI, but also there are less yachts.

Each island has a unique culture of its own from the sophisticated French side of St Martin providing exquisite restaurants and boutiques, to the tranquillity of life on Anguilla.

Green Bay Antigua

More adventurous sailors can also take in the other Leewards (St Kitts, Stacia, Nevis) which are less exposed to tourism and sail from Antigua north to St Martin.
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