For magazine reproduction, the magic number is 300 dpi. Whatever size the digital file can render at 300 dpi is the size it can be used on a page. Now that the high-end digital-SLR cameras are able to deliver full-page images, and even spreads, most editors will accept either film or digital.

In the stock photography business, digital images are only just now becoming accepted media, and there is no universal workflow or acceptance criteria. Preferred file sizes range from 30 to 100 megabytes, and digital guidelines vary from agency to agency. But as Alfonso Gutierrez of AGE FotoStock says, "From the stock photography perspective, there are no subjects that could not be photographed with a digital camera, and in almost all cases with a lot less hassle and a lot more possibility of getting what you want without waiting to come back home to see the results."

Of course, he has never tried to shoot a scuba diver silhouetted against the ball of sun with digital and lost the subtleties of the shades of white, turquoise and blue that film so artfully delivers. There are limitations for digital capture, particularly in terms of super-wide-angle images and high-contrast scenes. For wide-angle, I shoot film first, and if the subject permits, back it up with digital. But for fish and macro images, I prefer digital.
Anguilla Wedding
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