Sile Bay
Sile Bay is another one of Anguilla's apparently endless supply of remote and wonderful beaches. Sile Bay has two parts: the closer is a crescent of rock and the further is a longer crescent of sand. Located on the south shore of Anguilla, in the East End, between Mimi Bay and Savannah Bay, it has no shade, no services, no crowds — a Robinson Crusue beach!

Directions: From airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left on Airport Road. Drive straight past Island Car Rental and the National Bank of Anguilla, and turn right at the traffic light. Follow this road for several miles. At the roundabout, take the right fork over Sandy Hill and continue to the East End pond.

Take the second paved turn off after the East End Clinic in East End Village. The main road curves left around the pond and continues to Island Harbour, but you turn off at the sign for Heritage Collection, a museum worth visiting in its own right. Go up the hill to the museum and turn right just after it on another paved road, then take a left and go down the hill. At the bottom you bear right and switch to dirt through a sandy "bottom", with pond and palm trees to the left, then on to the southern coast, where the road dead ends at Sile Bay. The distance from Heritage Collection to Sile Bay is 0.6 KM.
West End Bay
Anguilla has so many beaches that it is a challenge to identify them all. This small beach is located near the far western end of Anguilla. There are no hotels or services on the beach, in spite of it being a perfect small crescent.

Directions: From the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, then turn left again and drive west past the airport entrance, through the roundabout and follow the road to the west end. You will go straight through the Sandy Ground roundabout also. When you finally pass Cap Juluca and Leduc's restaurant, you will reach the end of the paved road. Turn right on a dirt road and take it straight to the shore.
Windward Point Beach
At the far eastern tip of Anguilla is a small hill with panoramic views in all directions. This is Windward Point.To the east you see deserted Scrub Island with its leeward side beach and rolling countryside. To the west you see Windward Point Beach, St. Barts and St. Martin in the distance, then the north coast of Anguilla.

Directions: To reach the hill, go east out of Island Harbour on the paved road, turn left at sign for Palm Grove onto a reasonable gravel road . Avoid tempting right turns at .5 km, .8 km, 1.9 km and avoid the left turn to Captains Bay at 2.2 km. The main road forks left just before the gate to the sand mining pit and dead ends on the other end of Windward Point Beach. Most of the road is easy going, but this last section is a little rough and should be taken slowly, or just pull off and walk the remaining short distance. You can easily walk to the small hill at the end of the island, from the top if which you get a great view back along the length of Anguilla. Wear runners or reasonable walking shoes.
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