Sherricks Bay
At the West End of Anguilla is a small, secluded beach on Sherrick's Bay. To go there head straight west on the main road which runs through the island. Instead of turning left toward Cove Castles after the West End Salt Pond, continue straight on the narrow local road through West End Village, then stay left until the road ends at a sandy path leading to the beach on Sherrick's Bay.
Shoal Bay
Shoal Bay beach is one of the premier stretches of sand in the Caribbean. It is also the most popular beach on Anguilla and attracts locals, tourists and day trippers from the neighboring island of St. Martin. Shoal Bay is also one of the places in Anguilla where you can here live music on the beach. Changes to Shoal Bay for year 2000 include the major upgrade to Shoal Bay Beach Hotel.

Directions: This is a long beach and you can actually approach it from three directions. The normal route is by paved road from The Valley. Start in the airport parking lot which has only one exit. Turn left on Airport Road, go straight past Island Car Rentals, Anglec and through the light at Albert Lake's Super Market. Continue for 2 miles through Stoney Ground and Little Dix, and turn left on a paved road toward Shoal Bay (there are restaurant signs here -- if you get to the cement plant you missed the turn).

The road goes over a hill and descends into Shoal Bay. At the bottom of the hill you can go straight to Uncle Ernies. Or turn right on a gravel road that runs to Milly's Inn, Allamanda, Serenity and the Shoal Bay Penthouse. Or turn left on a gravel road and take the first right turn for Tropical Sunset.
Shoal Bay West
Anguilla has two Shoal Bays -- and both have "shoals" or reefs-- Shoal Bay East gets all the publicity, but Shoal Bay West is a perfect, crescent shaped beach at the West End of the island. It is quiet, with a beautiful view of St. Martin, and a long arch of Anguilla sand.

Directions: You reach Shoal Bay West by taking the main road to the West End and turn left at the end of the pavement on a gravel road around the pond. Park between the restaurant and Blue Waters.
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