Savannah Bay
Near the remote eastern end of Anguilla is a beautiful, long, curved bay with sand, snorkelling, palm trees, and one building, a fun beach bar, Palm Grove. The bay is called Savannah Bay and looks like it should have a five-star resort on it instead of being empty.

Directions: There are several ways to get to Junks Hole. Since Palm Grove Bar has put up signs, it is very easy. From airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left on Airport Road. Go straight past Island Car Rental and National Bank of Anguilla, continuing straight through the intersection by Albert Lake's Super Market. Continue on the main paved road for about 3 miles, then turn left and go over the hill and into Island Harbour. Go through the village and about 1/2 mile beyond. At the top of the hill, turn left on a wide, straight gravel road that slopes down. The road divides in a Y in about 1/2 mile. Keep right and head toward the palm trees.
Scilly Cay
One of the most famous tourist places in Anguilla is Sandra and Eudoxie Wallace's restaurant and tropical playground on Scilly Cay.

Scilly Cay, a tiny coral based island crowns the bay in the village of Island Harbour. Its low island vegetation and tiny sand beach made it the perfect spot for a daytime restaurant. The island is owned and operated by Sandra and Eudoxie Wallace who are dedicated to making your stay on Scilly an experience to remember. If you are coming to Anguilla, you owe it to yourself to have dine out on Scilly Cay.

Sunbathe on their loungers, swim or snorkel.

Directions: Look for the Scilly Cay sign in Island Harbour.
Getting there is half the fun!
Getting to Scilly Cay is just the start of a great day. Their flat bottomed boat with a friendly attendant travels to and from the island every few minutes, always watching to see if someone is waiting on shore. So just walk to the end of the dock at Island Harbour and wave, the boat will come and pick you up for a short ride to Scilly. It doesn't matter if you are the only one on dock; there is no waiting for a full load at Scilly Cay. Just hop in the boat and off you go. Also, there's plenty of parking all along the beach.
Scrub Island
Off the eastern tip of Anguilla is uninhabited Scrub Island, about 3 miles square and fun to visit. On the leeward side is a beautiful white sand beach which usually has calm waters. It is the only one in Anguilla that faces completely away from the prevailing winds and seas (since Anguilla runs east-west and the winds come from the east).
The interior of Scrub consists of rolling low hills, soft and green more like Scotland than Anguilla. It is an easy walk to the other side of the island. The only inhabitants are wild goats that grow fat in the rainy season and skinny in the dry season (they get water then by eating the pear cactus on the island).

Directions: Catch a ride over on Junior's or Mike's glassbottom boat from Shoal Bay or Island Harbour. Or on Keg's wide, stable fishing boat. Or just drop into Smitty's Seaside Bar and Restaurant in Island Harbour and ask him to find Shawn or one of the other boaters to take you over. But take some cold drinks with you, because there aren't any bars on Scrub Island yet. And there aren't any protected harbours on Scrub either, so it is sometimes impossible to land in high seas.
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