Sandy Hill Bay
Between The Valley and Junks Hole at East End, there is a wonderful small beach with no restaurants, no hotels, and therefore no signs: Sandy Hill Bay. The protected anchorage provides safety for fish boats and the sandy beach provides gentle swimming for a few nearby residents.

Directions: Starting from the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, continue straight past Island Car Rentals and National Bank of Anguillla. Turn right at the traffic light by Barclays Bank toward the Farrington and East End Village. You will pass Proctor's Grocery store, then Tropical Flower Wholesale, then turn right on a dirt road just before the roundabout. Follow this road straight for a few hundred yards to Sandy Hill Bay beach.
Sandy Island
Sandy Island is a tiny islet with a lagoon just off Road Bay. This sliver of an island is a favorite excursion destination in Anguilla.

Sandy Island, lying 1.6km (1mi) off Sandy Ground, is a small islet surrounded by shallow reefs and consisting of little more than some fine sand and a couple of coconut palms - you can basically walk around the whole thing in just 10 minutes.

The reefs offer reasonable snorkelling, with waving finger corals, sea fans and small tropical fish rippling under the crystal surface. To get to Sandy Island, simply arrange the five-minute boat ride at Sandy Ground.
Sandy Point Bay
It is the only beach in Anguilla with such an extended point (the point at Shoal Bay is not as distinct). It also has a reef and good snorkelling. And a great view of St. Martin.

Directions: Driving toward the ferry terminal, turn right at the last opportunity, go past entrance to Ferryboat Inn and turn left on dirt road that runs down close to the beach. The last picture here shows the view from the point looking back to the ferry terminal.
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