Mundays Bay
South western coast on the sea side of Cove pond and Gull pond.

Directions: Take the road west from the airport for appoximately 5 miles. Turn left at the Cap Juluca road sign and follow the road to the beach.
Meads Bay
The sweep and turquoise of Mead's Bay, bookended by two spectacular resorts, is hard to beat. Cocoloba on the western promontory and Malliouhana on the eastern tip frame this magnificent sweep of one of the most majestic of all Anguilla beaches.

This graceful semi-circle of white sand beach is just east of our "home beach," Barnes Bay. It's perfect for a nice slow walk, with hot rays of sun for you to absorb, clear water to float and cool down, and beach bars at the Malliouhana and Frangiapani resorts along the way. Mead's Bay has an idyllic swimming area for families, near the Malliouhana.
Merrywing Bay
The beach at the Sonesta Resort is called "Merrywing Bay". Geographically it is a part of Rendezvous Bay, but the beach is not continuous with Rendezvous Bay Beach.
To reach this beach you must go through the resort or park on Cove Bay and walk around the jetty to Merrywing Bay.

Directions: Take the road west from the airport for approximately 4 miles. Follow the signs to Paradise Cove but continue straight to Cove Bay. Park at Cove Bay and walk around the public jetty to Merrywing Bay.
Mimi Bay
Mimi Bay is a classic hidden spot in Anguilla--down the end of a long, obscure, dirt road, suddenly you come to a romantic beach, as in la swept away, wild and unspoiled. Mimi Bay is located on the southeastern shore, between Seafeathers Bay and Sile Bay, facing the open Atlantic, and therefore subject to high waves and currents at many times.

Directions: It is recommend 4-wheel drive. Start in the airport parking lot which has only one exit. Turn left on Airport Road, go straight past Island Car Rentals, Anglec and turn right at the light by Albert Lake's Super Market. Follow this road through the Quarter and the Farrington. At the roundabout, take the right fork to Sandy Hill. In about a mile you will pass the East End Clinic on your right (with the East End Pond on your left). Take the next right on a paved road (if you reach the turn off for the Heritage Collection, you went too far). YOu go up a slight hill and take the first left on a dirt road. Follow that road for 1.1 KM to the coast, ignoring all tempting left forks and keeping to the right.
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