Little Bay
Little Bay is one of the most famous beaches in Anguilla and one of the smallest.

Directions: Starting in the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left. Go straight past Island Car Rental and NBA bank. Turn left at the intersection by Albert Home Decor. Go straight past the library and high school, straight through the roundabout and continue up Crocus Hill. At the top, one choice is to continue straight and down a steep hill to Crocus Bay where there is parking between Roys Restaurant and the water desalinating plant. Either hire a fisherman to take you around the coast to the East, or swim along the shore (less than 20 minutes, fun snorkeling). The other choice at the top of the hill is to turn right on the paved road to Roaches Hill - continue on this road until it turns into gravel; avoid the gravel turn to the right and park on the left in about 100 yards. The path to the rope starts where the cliff is closest to the road and goes around the left side of Little Bay.
Little Harbour
Little Harbour is on the south coast of Anguilla, facing St. Martin, between Blowing Point and Corito Bay. Try not to confuse Little Harbour with Little Bay.

Directions: There are two traffic lights on the main road between the Valley and South Hill. At the George Hill Landing light by the Cable TV office, there is a clearly marked street sign for Little Harbour Road. You can't miss it. It's the only street sign on the main road. However, don't take it. It does not go to Little Harbour!

Instead, follow the signs to Cinammon Reef/Palm Court Restaurant at the other light nearer the Valley. The road splits in 1/4 mile and you turn right. Follow this road, which was recently upgraded, straight toward the water. Just before Cinnamon Reef there is a turn to the left which you take. It goes to a small parking area with beach access. There is a private house on the left and Cinammon Reef resort on the right.
Long Bay
Long Bay has perfect sunsets, beautiful cliffs in the late afternoon (picture), a small pond and a couple of scenic palm trees (picture). The sandy beach is effectively divided into two beaches by some protuding rocks that extend into the water.

Directions: There are at least 3 roads to the beach at Long Bay. Coming from The Valley direction, you turn right off the main road at the Long Bay Vilage road (to Malliouhana hotel). The easiest route is probably to go past Mahogany Tree Park into Long Bay Village. Go over the speed bump and turn right on the straight gravel road at the Travelling Post Office sign (also a new sign to "Oliver's Seaside Grill, opening soon). Halfway down the road you will see a dirt road to the right. Follow it to a clearing near the left edge of the pond. Park and follow the easy trail 50 yards to the left edge of the east part of the beach.

Or, turn right after the Mahogany Tree Park at the small adandoned church and the roadside water spigot down a dirt road. Keep to the right and after a short ways the road will take a 90 degree turn to the right - find a spot to pull over and park here. At the point of the turn, a very rough road continues a few hundred feet. Walk this to the open field, and cross to the far west corner. A moderately steep path will take you down to the right edge of the east part of the beach. Wear sturdy shoes and enjoy.

Or, to reach the west part of the beach, continue through the Village and turn right just before the Carib Cafe restaurant, straight over the hill. On your left is the back of Malliouhana hotel. In front of you is a new house and the beach.
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