Crocus Bay
This classic beach is the closest to Anguilla's capital, The Valley. Crocus Bay is the site of an historic invasion by the French in 1745, as well as a protected anchorage for fisherman and yachstmen.

Directions: From the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, then drive straight past Island Car Rental and the National Bank of Anguilla. Turn left at Barclay's Bank and Albert Lakes, proceed through The Valley. You will go past the library and the high school, through the intersection that used to have the "Traffic Experiment Roundabout", up the tree-lined Coronation Blvd., past Koal Keel restaurant, directly to the top of the hill with Lloyds Guest house on the left hand, and finally the steep slope to the beach. There is a parking area next to a small, white one-story building, across the street from Roy's.
Dog Island
Dog Island is bigger than Prickley Pear with some reasonable hills and cliffs along the shoreline. Behind the southern end of our landing beach we found a pond and then a second beach (more exposed to the waves).

40 minute boat ride around the western end of Anguilla and out to Prickly Pear
Dropsea bay
Anguilla has many hidden delights, including this tiny cove in the middle of nowhere.

Directions: Dropsey Bay is directly south across Long Pond from the Caribbean Beacon radio tower. Leaving the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left on Airport road. Go straight past Island Car Rental and National Bank of Anguilla, then turn right at Albert Lake's Super Market. Go several miles, then turn right 100 yards past "Tropical Flower" wholesale liquor outlet at the road down to Long Pond Bay (if you reach the roundabout you went a little too far). Continue on the track through the seagrapes across the isthmus of Long Pond. The road goes to the right along the southern edge of Long Pond, then turns left and runs directly south to the coast. FWD suggested, or jettison the passengers at rough spots to improve clearance. viagra without a doctor prescription usa
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