Captains Bay
Directions: Starting from the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, then go straight past Island Rental Cars and the National Bank. Continue straight through the traffic light and on through Stoney Ground and Little Dix toward Island Harbour. Stay on the main road until it splits in two after the cement plant. Turn left and continue over the hill and into Island Harbour village.

As you leave the village, you have two choices.

One choice is to turn left on Harbour Ridge Drive (toward Hibernia Restaurant). This road is paved for a while, then gravel. Go straight, then bear slightly right and follow the new telephone poles (which lead all the way to Captains Bay). When you get over the hill you will see the beach on the left. As the road switches from a rocky surface to sandy, take the first left, which goes right down to the beach.

Another choice is to continue up to the top of the hill and turn left on a gravel road after the Island Supermarket (toward Junks Hole). If you turn left in all cases, you will reach Captains Bay in 2.4 km (1.5 miles). Avoid tempting right turns at .5 km, .8 km, 1.9 km and 2.2 km.
Cove Bay
Cove Bay is the only major beach in the West End without a hotel on it. Cove Bay faces St. Martin between Rendevous Bay (Sonesta) and Maundays Bay

Directions: To get there, turn south toward St. Martin at the gas station in West End, where the sign points to Sonesta Resort. Drive straight to the water and you will find a long, curved beach with fishing boats anchored on the left, one restaurnt restaurant and about a mile of beach to the right with no development at all.
Corito Bay
Corito is another fun beach without any signs pointing to it, but this one has its own barrier reef, lagoon, and even a little shade. To the south of Wallblake Airport is the seldom-visited Corito bay and beach. Very protected, shallow, with gentle waves.

Directions: Starting from the airport parking lot, take the only exit and head straight, following the road around the eastern end of the airport. On the other side, turn left at Omolulu School and drive straight down to the ocean, past the dump, switching from pavement to a wide gravel road and ignoring the tempting, paved left fork for Straw Hat Restaurant. The road ends at the waterfront Shell oil pumping station. Park along the water's edge and explore to the left. The first part is narrow, but keep walking until you see the view pictured above.
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