The Caribbean island of Anguilla has over 30 beaches to explore, not counting those on the offshore cays and islands. There are no clothing-optional beaches on Anguilla. In fact, topless bathing is also illegal. All beaches in Anguilla are public, but there are no lifeguards on duty. Be cautious swimming at remote beaches, especially if the surf is high.
Barnes Bay
One of Anguilla's beaches is Barnes Bay, located between Meads Bay and West End Bay.

Directions: Located on the north side of the island in the West End, the only public access is on the road to Mangos Restaurant and Caribella resort. Starting from the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, then left again, driving past the airport entrance and straight through the roundabout. Continue west down the main island road. When you get to the next roundabout stay to the left (don't go down the hill to Sandy Ground). You will pass turnoffs for CuisinArt and Cap Juluca, and the Foods 95 market. Start looking for a turnoff on the right with signs for Mangos or Caribella (signs come and go in Anguilla unfortunately). This dirt road terminates at the middle of Barnes Bay Beach.
Blackgarden Bay
Blackgarden Bay is one of the least-visited beaches in Anguilla.

Directions: Blackgarden is not easy to find. One way is to go to Limestone Bay, then follow the dirt roads east keeping to the coast. And the roads in that area were damaged by torrential rains during Hurricane Lenny.
Blowing Point
Blowing Point beach to the east of the ferry is a working harbour. You will see numerous small ferry boats and fishing boats anchored in the bay, plus fisherman and a 200 yard stretch of sand.

Directions: Blowing Point beach provides some shade under the sea grape trees and you can stroll over to the ferry terminal bar or to Big Jim's Snack Bar. There is another beach to the west, Sandy Point beach, featuring the Ferryboat Inn, Patsy's Seaside Villas and with the Pavillion Hotel a short stroll away.
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