the BEST deals in Anguilla.
offerING the following services:
FREE Delivery & Return FREE Mileage
Comprehensive coverage available at US $5.00 per day
- Deductible US $750.00 -US $600.00
Online Reservation for faster service
Contact info:
Summerset Car Rental
P.O.Box 169 George Hill
Anguilla, British West Indies
Tel.: (264) 497-5278 or (264) 497 2298
Fax: (264) 497-5444
About insurance:
Insurance covers both property damage and bodily injury. While some credit card companies provide automatic vehicle coverage to its cardholders, it may only extend to certain jurisdictions. It is quite possible that Anguilla is not one of the jurisdictions covered. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the driver obtain the insurance offered by the rental agency. Ask the service representative for further details. It is always better to know that you are covered than to find out later that you were not.
Other requirements:
Drive on the left hand side of the road.
Please ensure that your drivers' license and other related documents are with you when driving.
Return the vehicle with the same amount of gasoline provided at the time it was rented.
Contact info:
Long Path, Anguilla, B.W.I.
Tel: 264-497-4662
Fax: 264-497-3526
Emergencies: 264-497-2111 pager 145
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