Anguilla's Alternative Wellness Service
Total Body Reflexology and therapeutic Touch Massage availiable at your villa or hotel.
Services Offered:

Total Body Reflexology Massage, 1 hr. $75.00
Basic foot Reflexology, 50-60 min. $65.00
Head and face Reflexology, 30 min. $40.00
Back Reflexology, 45 min. $50.00
Direct Reflexology, 30 min. $40.00
Manual Lymph Drainage Massage, 1 hr. $75.00
Partial M.L.D. Massage 30 min. $40.00
Deep Muscle Therapy 1 hr. $75.00

Professional Medical Pedicure

$35.00 with polish, foot-bath & massage
$30.00 without nail polish.

Specialized Foot Care

$20.00 and up

Contact Nurse Margaret for an appointment.

Tel. 264-497-5798
What is Reflexology?
Foot, hand and ear Reflexology is a natural non-invasive therapy. Through application of pressure to the reflex points, which corresponds to all parts, glands and organs of the body, reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and returns the body to a state of homeostasis "balance".
What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?
A gentle massage of the lymphatic system closest to the skin, releasing toxins, excess fluid, foreign particles from the body's tissue and causing the slow moving system to improve 20 times more efficiently. Thus building up the immune system and bringing the whole of the body into a rest and repair state (for best results have three sessions in two weeks).
What is Deep Muscle Therapy?
Deep Muscle Therapy deals with nerves, muscles, bones, blood and the Lymphatic system. It is a systematic kneading, stroking and pressure point therapy applied over the entire body.
What is Specialized Foot Care?
Treatment of:
Ingrown toenails, thick fungi nails.
Rams horn nails, corns and callous reduction
Pedicures, cleaning of nails
Health Teaching.
Diabetic Foot Care

Counseling and Health Teaching
Free with services
$10.00 less off of original price at the office.
All prices in US dollars.
and subject to change without notice.

Margaret Ouwehand is a Canadian trained Registered Practical Nurse
Certified and registered in Reflexology, Deep Muscle Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Certified Foot Care Nurse "the equivalent of a Chiropodist" Margaret Ouwehand is specially trained in Diabetic Foot Care.

Package of 3 Reflexology treatments or Massages at reduced rate if paid in advance.
Gift Certificates available upon request.

Why choose Anguilla's Alternative Wellness Servise?,(AAWS).
At AAWS the clients receives personal attention.
AAWS is more therapeutically inclined.
At AAWS you are treated with respect and confidentiality. The client comes back again and again.
Unlike the Spas, AAWS is more intimate and is willing to come to your Villa or you can come to our Office.
You can book with AAWS at your convenience either through email or phone call.

Anguilla's Alternative Wellness Service
Margaret Ouwehand
The Forest, Anguilla
(264) 497-5798
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