Welcome to Anguilla 
Anguilla sits in first class and has a first-class price tag. There are certainly more affordable ways to enjoy the sun and the sea, but for those desiring impeccable service and an exclusive atmosphere, this island is one of the premier vacation spots in the Caribbean.
The interior of the island is mostly evergreen bushland (shrubs) with a sporadic bougainvillea, hibiscus or other blooming plant reminding you of the island's tropical influence. Salt ponds provide bird watching enthusiasts with a glimpse of a variety of species calling Anguilla home including the snowy egret and the great blue heron.

The island of Anguilla, which also comprises the island of Sombrero and a number of smaller islands and cays, is small and secluded; ideal if you want to get away from it all. The main resorts are based around the hotels, many of which are situated off the islands’ white coral beaches which are regarded as among the most beautiful in the world. A leisurely exploration of the idyllic shoreline is thus recommended. Accommodation ranges from luxury-class hotels to guest-houses, apartments, villas and cottages. Many establishments are situated on the beach and offer boating, snorkeling, fishing and scuba-diving equipment. Restaurants offer a mixture of Continental, American and Anguillan dishes with the emphasis on seafood, including lobster, conch and a variety of fish. The nightlife is centered on the hotels and the tourist areas and visitors will be glad to find the atmosphere relaxed and friendly.
Getting There:
Served by American Eagle, Winair, LIAT and Tyden Air - flights from neighboring islands, Puerto Rico, Antigua and mainly St. Maarten. Ferry service from St. Maarten to Blowing Point run about every 30 minutes from 7:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. Fares US $10/day.
Entry Documents:
PA passport and an outbound ticket for all except for U.S. nationals and Canadians who can enter with an official photo ID (driver's license) and a birth certificate and an out-bound ticket. Visas are required for certain countries.
Wallblake Airport
Departure Tax:
-$10 at the airport and
-$2 at the ferry port.
-On the left.
-Average speed is about 30 mph.
-Temporary license required - permit US $6.00.
Local Transportation:
Taxi transportation is easiest.
Cars rented for about $45 a day.
Bikes can also be rented.
Capital: The Valley
Population: 10,000
Island Size: 16 miles long,
3 miles wide, 35 square miles
Electric Current: 110 volts
Medical Emergencies:
Princess Alexander Hospital - Serious medical emergencies will be flown off island
Standard time zone:
UTC/GMT -4 hours
Daylight Saving Time:
No known DST-adjustments
Average temperature is 80° F.
Rainfall averages
35 inches per year.
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Official Language:
Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC) -U.S. dollars accepted
Tipping and Taxes:
The government tax is 8%. Tips are usually included on your bill.
Hotels usually apply 15% service charge and
restaurants 10%. While not expected, waiters will greatly appreciate an additional tip.
Dress Code:
Casual but proper - no topless sunbathing or nudity.
Area code (264), plus 497, plus the local number.
Anguilla Services